Decks - Railings - Fencing

Decks are an extension of your home, so it’s important to keep them looking just as attractive. Maybe it’s your front porch, or maybe it’s the focal point of your backyard oasis. A beautiful home deserves equally amazing decks.Your decks take a beating year-round from foot traffic, furniture, and of course the outdoor elements. It’s critical to maintain your decks and preserve their true beauty. Luckily, our team knows just what to do to keep your decks looking pristine!


Clean Protect and Preserve

As with all coatings, proper preparation is the key to a long lasting finish. The first step to a beautiful deck is to power wash the areas to remove any contaminants such as dirt, mold, and mildew. Once cleaned, the decking needs time to dry out before applying a coating. Typically 24-48hrs. Some decks, if they have excessive wear or weathering, may require an additional step of sanding to restore the natural wood before coating as well. After all of the necessary preparations, it is time to apply the product. Now that the hard part is over it is crucial to stick to a good maintenance plan to ensure your decks stay protected and look great year round!